Memories .

“Dad stop it !” At that moment capturing me and my mom get ready for my little cousins birthday party was weird . It was just one of those days a mother and daughter would have but my dad made it special , he made it a memory I could watch later on in life .

My mom was in the bathroom taking her time like she always did . I knocked as hard as I could and screamed “hurry up !” so she could finish taking a shower . She came out with a white towel wrapped around her body and another one around her hair , she looked really funny . “I can’t even take a shower without being disturbed” she said and we both laughed .

So now it was my turn to take a shower I washed my hair scrub my body and rinsed off as fast as I could because I didn’t want to be late . When I got out I also put the towels like my mom had them when she got out and I said “look mom, I’m just like you now” I had always wished I was like my mom , she was tall , she had the perfect body , the most beautiful face , she was perfect. She was doing her hair when I got out so I knew we were going to be late for sure . An hour later she finally finished but then it was my turn . I hated when she would do my hair . The two ponytails she would do up so high in my head and very very tight were hurtful , in matter of fact I looked chinese because of how tight she would make them . Even .

A couple years later from that day day my dad recorded us my mom was gone . It was horrible not having her do my hair which i hated when she would do it now all i wish for is for her back . I dont care if she does my hair so tight , I don’t care if we’re late to parties because she takes too long in the shower , I don’t care about anything else I would just want her back no matter what, and the only way I could actually “have” her was by watching us in the video . Now I don’t have the video but I do have memories . memories which I will never forget .

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  1. Oh, this story breaks my heart. I am sorry you lost your mother as such a young age. You must really miss her. This is a lovely tribute. You describe the memory so vividly. You’ve got a few errors we need to work on, but overall, you’ve got great style.

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